Advanced Document Reminders with Power Automate and SharePoint

I’m often asked about reminder functionality for things like controlled documents and contract management. Microsoft added basic reminder functionality by providing a template solution for Power Automate. What if you need something a little more advanced? The answer is to build a custom reminder Flow.

In this example I provide tips on how to build a custom workflow and show an example of the reminder workflow in action. The Flow runs on a schedule, checking a document library for documents that meet a criteria specified in a Filter, that is dynamically driven of a calculated date.

As I mention in the video, there are two common use cases where this Flow can be used:

  • Sending notifications a few days before the a review or expiry date. This is often a requirement in both controlled document systems and contract management.
  • Monitoring a process workflow to remind people when something needs action and is waiting. e.g. I document is submitted for review but the review hasn’t occurred in x days

The flow runs as a Scheduled Flow. You can specify the frequency from every few minutes if you like, but I would recommend once a day to avoid hitting limits of the numbers of Flow runs per month!

In the video I use an AddDays() function, to subtract 3 days from the current date using the New Zealand timezone. UtcNow() returns the current UTC date and time. Here is the expression code:

addDays(convertFromUtc(utcNow(),'New Zealand Standard Time'),-3)

Next, I create a filter value using the output of the ‘GetDateToCheck’ expression with the date code above. In the example code below I am using two operators. Here are some useful ones:

  • eq = equals
  • ne = not equals
  • ge = great than or equal
  • le = less than or equal
(Priority eq 'High') and (Created ge datetime'@{outputs('GetDateToCheck')}')

Here is the Flow from the video:

You can extend this functionality further, to meet your specific needs, but I hope this has given you a good idea of the capabilities. of Power Automate scheduled Flows for reminders.

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