SharePoint Orphaned Content Database

Today I resolved an interesting SharePoint 2010 issue. Examining the Windows Application Log on the Application Server I found the following error: SQL Database ‘WSS_Content_ba49ed16-9131-4e70-ab2a-4378914fd6f0’ on SQL Server instance ‘SharePointSQLServerName’ not found. Additional error information from SQL Server is included below. In Central Admin SharePoint listed in “Stopped” content database called “WSS_Content_ba49ed16-9131-4e70-ab2a-4378914fd6f0″. This database didn’t exist in SQL Server. I believe the database appeared when the … Continue reading SharePoint Orphaned Content Database

SQL Server 2008 Certified

SQL Server is something that most people in IT roles will touch one way or another in the course of their working lives. It is the engine behind many line of business systems, SharePoint, ERP and CRM systems. Having the basic skills to correctly install, configure, backup, recover and troubleshoot SQL Server issues is important and something that is often just assumed. Over the past … Continue reading SQL Server 2008 Certified

Moving SQL Express or MSDE Databases

Many applications use Microsoft MSDE or SQL Express instances to store application specific data. The default file location is usually somewhere on the C: drive, which may seem harmless until they start consuming valuable disk space. It is possible to move the databases without reinstalling the applications using this method: Install SQL Management Studio Express (or use SQL Management Studio if you have it) Locate … Continue reading Moving SQL Express or MSDE Databases

SQL 2008 Report Builder 2.0 overview

SQL 2008 is a rich platform for building database solutions that is found in many businesses from the very small to the extremely large. SQL 2008 comes in a number of versions with differing levels of functionality and scalability depending on your needs. The premium editions of both SBS 2008 and EBS 2008 include a SQL 2008 Standard Edition license. One of the more interesting … Continue reading SQL 2008 Report Builder 2.0 overview