Farewell SharePoint 2013

On the 11th of April SharePoint 2013 reaches the end of support. If you haven’t already moved to the cloud or upgraded to a newer on-premises version, time is running short. Here are a few things you should know. Upgrade options Migrating to SharePoint Online is the choice many people make, but it does take time and effort. The SharePoint Migration Tool (and tools from … Continue reading Farewell SharePoint 2013

How do you secure SharePoint Online?

How do you secure your SharePoint Online environment? This is one of the most important questions people ask (or should ask) before they start moving document content to SharePoint Online. The answer is often dependent on type of licenses used. Microsoft 365 Business Standard doesn’t have the same capabilities of Microsoft 365 E5 Enterprise licensing and if the licensing decision has already been made, it … Continue reading How do you secure SharePoint Online?

ChatGPT and SharePoint, what else can it do?

There are many things we do with SharePoint that can be either scripted or formatted that require some sort of code. In my previous post, I talk about how it can assist content creators, but what about people who are building things? Here are two examples that might inspire you to try this yourself, the first is a PowerShell script and the second some JSON … Continue reading ChatGPT and SharePoint, what else can it do?

Create Intranet Content Fast with ChatGPT

ChatGPT is a great tool for improving the productivity of content creators. Content creation is one of the most labour-intensive activities for Intranets. This often results in Intranet projects either taking additional time while content is completed, or descoping of content to allow the launch date to be reached. Once live, it can also be challenging to develop additional content, especially when authors have a … Continue reading Create Intranet Content Fast with ChatGPT

Top Tips for SharePoint Document Management

I recently listened to Hassan Osman’s Podcast episode about ChatGPT and how it can help improve productivity for nonfiction writers. This caught my interest for a couple of reasons, firstly I write a lot. I blog, wrote a book, write reports, document recommendations, etc. You name it, I’ve had a go at writing it. I’m not a natural writer, often spending far to much time … Continue reading Top Tips for SharePoint Document Management

Microsoft 365 Records Management

If you are a Microsoft 365 E5 subscriber, then you will have Microsoft Purview Records Management features available to you. Records Management allows you to effectively manage the lifecycle of document content in your tenant. This can be important for compliance reasons, but you may also have business needs that records management can address. In this video, I demonstrate how to create a new File … Continue reading Microsoft 365 Records Management