Building a Business Case

I’ve been a public speaker for over a decade, presenting at user groups then progressing to become an organiser and speaker at large community IT events and conferences in New Zealand and Australia. I generally feel comfortable presenting a technical talk to a tech audience. This week I did something different, I spoke in the business / executive track at the Difinity Conference in Auckland … Continue reading Building a Business Case

Microsoft Ignite the Tour Sydney

As a Microsoft MVP you get opportunities to participate in events like Microsoft Ignite the Tour. I decided to put myself forward for the staffing opportunity, working at the Expert Connect Ask Me Anything and Demo Stations. When I got the notification to say I was accepted, the panic set in! How do I prepare? What will people ask? What if I can’t help? This … Continue reading Microsoft Ignite the Tour Sydney

Office 365 Change Tenant URL

Almost 9 years ago when we started our company Office 365 didn’t exist. In the rush to setup the company we didn’t spend much time on brand and naming as we had already secured several projects and were focused on getting into delivery. 4 years ago we rebranded and discovered that we couldn’t change the URL on SharePoint Online. I logged a request to join … Continue reading Office 365 Change Tenant URL

Team work for community good

I’ve been working on a very interesting project to help a group of community service organisations work better together. Here are a few thoughts and lessons I’ve learnt that others might benefit from too. This is a great example of how technology can benefit NGO’s. In Canterbury, New Zealand where I live, these organisations tend to be small and want to spend their budget on … Continue reading Team work for community good

Using SharePoint with Microsoft Teams

One of the most common questions I’ve been asked recently is ‘should we use Teams or SharePoint?”. Being a consulting it is always tempting to say “well it depends”…The good news is you can use both together. The video below explains how to surface pages and libraries from SharePoint into Microsoft Teams. If you need to migrate content into Teams from your old on-premises SharePoint … Continue reading Using SharePoint with Microsoft Teams

Flow Approvals with SharePoint Document Publishing

Creating a Flow from a SharePoint Online document library reveals a template “request managers approval for selected file” Flow. Once configured, a Flow becomes available form the Flow menu that send starts and approval process, however it is missing one key feature. It doesn’t actually approve a draft item and publish it. SharePoint document libraries have a feature for authoring draft documents and then publishing. … Continue reading Flow Approvals with SharePoint Document Publishing

SharePoint Newsletter

If you’ve found yourself reading this then chances are you’re interested in SharePoint. One of the real challenges of Modern SharePoint is keeping current. These days SharePoint doesn’t just mean SharePoint, it’s a combination of SharePoint and a wide range of Office 365 and Azure features that make up the tool kit. As a SharePoint Consultant I see a new wave of people either coming … Continue reading SharePoint Newsletter