SharePoint Page Authoring

One of the greatest improvements in Modern SharePoint is the page authoring experience. Things that were once difficult are now straightforward and accessible to everyone. In this video I demonstrate the basics of SharePoint Page authoring. I talk about sections, web-parts, page layouts and give a few tips to help you go from zero to hero in less than 10 minutes. Here are some things … Continue reading SharePoint Page Authoring

MVP Summit 2023

For the first time since March 2019, Microsoft MVP’s from around the world gathered at the Microsoft Campus in Redmond for the MVP Summit. I was fortunate enough to be able to make the long journey from New Zealand to attend in-person. This is a truly unique opportunity to meet and provide feedback directly to the product groups that build Microsoft’s applications, services, and platforms. … Continue reading MVP Summit 2023

Digital Transformation Lessons

This week I had the opportunity to present to an Executive Development Programme run by The Icehouse. The audience was a mix of business owners and senior leadership from a wide variety of New Zealand businesses. I was given the topic of Digital Transformation and asked to present for two hours. To prepare for the talk, I looked back at my own experience both as … Continue reading Digital Transformation Lessons

Create an Employee Toolkit on your Intranet

In my Intranets book I talk a lot about making an Intranet that adds value to a persons day. If someone visits your Intranet, it shouldn’t be just to click a button that takes you somewhere else, we can do that with bookmarks. Adding information and resources for employees is a good place to start. Think about the sorts of things that are good to … Continue reading Create an Employee Toolkit on your Intranet

Is your Governance stifling Innovation?

One of the greatest opportunities to realise the benefits of the modern workplace is to improve the way we work. Microsoft 365 and Power Platform give us powerful tools for communicating, collaborating and automation our work. We can use these features to work from anywhere with anyone, all while keeping our content and data secure. Why is it that so many IT departments focus on … Continue reading Is your Governance stifling Innovation?