Microsoft 365 Naming Conventions

Naming conventions are an important part of your toolkit when it comes to keeping Microsoft 365 manageable. Consistent naming has many benefits from helping Outlook users find the right distribution group, to helping administrators apply the right policy to the correct set of SharePoint sites, and beyond. Incomplete list of things where naming conventions are useful: When choosing a naming convention, think about how items … Continue reading Microsoft 365 Naming Conventions

Fixing SharePoint Search

SharePoint Search is often misunderstood and maligned. How often do you hear stories of people not being able to find what they are looking for and giving up when trying to find something? How do we make Search better? Let’s start by explaining a few basic things about Search in SharePoint Online. I recently reviewed a SharePoint site that had nearly 400,000 documents in a … Continue reading Fixing SharePoint Search

Why Building a Great Digital Workplace matters

How do you create a Great Digital Workplace? Why does it matter? Why should employers put effort into creating a workplace that allows people to work digitally? This is a presentation I recently gave that explores these questions and I hope will help you think about how you can improve your own digital workplace. Why does having a Great Digital Workplace matter? Employee engagement can … Continue reading Why Building a Great Digital Workplace matters

Creating a Great Digital Workplace

During the panel discussion at a conference I recently attended, there was a comment from the audience that the panel was experienced in large organisations (thousands of employees), while in New Zealand most businesses are small to medium enterprises. How can smaller organisations create a great experience Digital Workplace experience for their people? I started thinking about this from my own experience in a team … Continue reading Creating a Great Digital Workplace