Where should I save my stuff?

Almost every day I get asked “where should I save this?”. Sometimes it from clients, sometimes it’s from my team and sometimes I’m asking myself. Will so many choices of where you could save you document, it is no wonder any people simply don’t know. Do I save to the network drive, SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams, somewhere else? Oh it’s all to hard, I’ll save to … Continue reading Where should I save my stuff?

Keep it simple

Have you ever been asked to do something for a client where you think to yourself, “you can’t do that easily” but then your brain tells you, “I like a challenge” (or something similar)? You know, those questions that push beyond what you would normally build and may push things a little outside the norm compared to your usual client requests? Recently I found myself … Continue reading Keep it simple

Create a Modern SharePoint Wiki

Wiki’s are a great way to capture and share knowledge. While classic SharePoint had a Wiki capability (some might argue this point), there is no proper Wiki functionality in modern SharePoint, but it is possible to create a Wiki style site using modern pages. In this example, I start with a SharePoint Communication site and create a structure using metadata, page templates and some manual … Continue reading Create a Modern SharePoint Wiki

Link SharePoint List to a Document Library

SharePoint Lists are great for tracking activities. There are many scenarios where you may want to store a collection of documents for each List item. In this blog I explain how to use Column formatting to create the link to the documents related to a List item. In this example, we have a List that will track enquires and a Library with a folder per … Continue reading Link SharePoint List to a Document Library

SharePoint Online Ransomware Recovery

There have been several high profile ransomware incidents in New Zealand recently. The impact can be very high and the recovery process can be a difficult road in some cases. There are many things that can be done to mitigate the risk of ransomware but it is hard to be 100% safe. As well as the disruption to your business, there can also be privacy … Continue reading SharePoint Online Ransomware Recovery

Visio App coming to Office 365

Last week there was some big news for Visio fans as Microsoft announced Office 365 will be included with most business subscriptions, from Business Standard to the E5 Enterprise subscription and everything in between. Judging from the feedback I’ve had after posting the news on LinkedIn, many people have wanted this for years! The web only version of Visio is great for basic diagrams and … Continue reading Visio App coming to Office 365

Converting Word document format with PowerShell

Do you have a file server full documents in the old Word document format? This blog explains how to use PowerShell to bulk convert files from .DOC to .DOCX. The script can be run against a folder full of documents, automatically crearting a new version in .DOCX format. The same script can be easily modified to convert Word documents of any format to PDF format. … Continue reading Converting Word document format with PowerShell