Building a Great Digital Workplace

How do you create a Great Digital Workplace? Why does it matter? Why should employers put effort into creating a workplace that allows people to work digitally? This is a presentation I recently gave that explores these questions and I hope will help you think about how you can improve your own digital workplace. Why does having a Great Digital Workplace matter? Employee engagement can … Continue reading Building a Great Digital Workplace

Creating a Great Digital Workplace

During the panel discussion at a conference I recently attended, there was a comment from the audience that the panel was experienced in large organisations (thousands of employees), while in New Zealand most businesses are small to medium enterprises. How can smaller organisations create a great experience Digital Workplace experience for their people? I started thinking about this from my own experience in a team … Continue reading Creating a Great Digital Workplace

NEW: My Tech Memories Podcast

Every now an then I find myself in a conversation that sparks memories of my early experiences with computers and the start of my career. Those experiences helped encourage me and many people of my generation into a career in Information Technology. After one of those conversations a few days ago, I thought it might be interesting to share a few memories. I’ve recorded a … Continue reading NEW: My Tech Memories Podcast

Christchurch to Dunedin in a Tesla Model 3

In December I received a call from Tesla to schedule the delivery time for my Tesla Model 3. I’d ordered the car earlier in the year and the anticipation of getting behind the wheel was through the roof! I couldn’t wait to get it on the open road! Since then, I’ve had many people asking me all sorts of questions about Tesla’s and so I … Continue reading Christchurch to Dunedin in a Tesla Model 3

Keep it simple

Have you ever been asked to do something for a client where you think to yourself, “you can’t do that easily” but then your brain tells you, “I like a challenge” (or something similar)? You know, those questions that push beyond what you would normally build and may push things a little outside the norm compared to your usual client requests? Recently I found myself … Continue reading Keep it simple

Create multipage SharePoint new item form with PowerApps

SharePoint Online allows you to customise a list forms using PowerApps. Creating a simple form is a piece of cake, but their are a few things you need to do when making a multipage form. Starting with a SharePoint list, choose the PowerApp option at the top of the list view. In PowerApps studio create a Screen for each section and then build your custom … Continue reading Create multipage SharePoint new item form with PowerApps