Top Tips for SharePoint Document Management

I recently listened to Hassan Osman’s Podcast episode about ChatGPT and how it can help improve productivity for nonfiction writers. This caught my interest for a couple of reasons, firstly I write a lot. I blog, wrote a book, write reports, document recommendations, etc. You name it, I’ve had a go at writing it. I’m not a natural writer, often spending far to much time … Continue reading Top Tips for SharePoint Document Management

SharePoint Document Sets

I’m a fan of Document Sets for complex document management scenarios. Document Sets are a great way to store related documents together (folder style) while also adding metadata that can inherit to each document stored in the document set. The use case for Document Sets is usually where you have a requirement to store related documents in one place and also want the ability to … Continue reading SharePoint Document Sets

Flow Approvals with SharePoint Document Publishing

UPDATE: Since writing this blog, Microsoft have rebranded Flow as PowerAutomate. Creating a Flow from a SharePoint Online document library reveals a template “request managers approval for selected file” Flow. Once configured, a Flow becomes available form the Flow menu that send starts and approval process, however it is missing one key feature. It doesn’t actually approve a draft item and publish it. SharePoint document … Continue reading Flow Approvals with SharePoint Document Publishing

5 Steps for migrating documents to SharePoint

Migrating Process Oriented Documents One of the challenges with SharePoint projects is content migration. It can be a daunting task with both technical and human challenges. This post discusses a five step methodology for migrating content from a file server into SharePoint. This strategy revolves around identifying the documents that will be migrated based on the business value they bring rather than a “big bang” … Continue reading 5 Steps for migrating documents to SharePoint

Migrating the SharePoint Content Type Hub

Microsoft Introduced the Content Type Hub (CTH) in SharePoint 2010.  It allows the central management of Content Types access multiple Site Collections. Content Types are defined and configured in the CTH and published to other site collections. I have recently migrated several SharePoint 2010 environments with Content Type Hubs to SharePoint 2013. The documentation on how to do this is a bit patchy hence this … Continue reading Migrating the SharePoint Content Type Hub

Contract Management with SharePoint

SharePoint has some great Document Management capabilities out of the box. It is possible to build powerful document centric solutions using out of the box functionality often without using third-party document management extensions. Here’s a video I put together to show off some of the features. The demo is using SharePoint 2010, but the same functionality is available in SharePoint 2013 and Office 365 SharePoint. I … Continue reading Contract Management with SharePoint