SharePoint tip: Create a News Post button

I love the simplicity of Modern SharePoint News Posts, they make it easy to create and publish nice looking news posts with rich content. There are a few things that could be improved, for example creating a site where many people can contribute News Posts means the home page of the site is also editable. Making the home page read only removes the Add button, … Continue reading SharePoint tip: Create a News Post button

eBook : Building SharePoint Online Intranets

Are you about to embark on a project to build an Intranet or overhaul an existing one? I’ve written a book to help you create a great Intranet and avoid some of the common mistakes far to many people make. This book is a collection of thoughts from the experience I’ve gained throughout my career combined with first hand experiences from recent projects. My goal … Continue reading eBook : Building SharePoint Online Intranets

SharePoint Pages and Templates

One of the most common compliants about Intranets is poor quality content. If users search for something and get an underwhelming result, they won’t come back. Creating consistent page layouts is a great way to improve the overall quality of content in your Intranet. It helps the reader to find information and supporting material quickly and it saves the content creator time. This video will … Continue reading SharePoint Pages and Templates

Creating Good Intranet Content

As a consultant I get to see a lot of Intranets from organisations of all shapes and sizes. Some Intranets are new others were created years ago but regardless of the age, I often find the same common content issues. When we set out to create an Intranet we generally have similar vision, somewhere employees can find information that will help them do their job, … Continue reading Creating Good Intranet Content