Migrating M-Files to SharePoint

Do you need to migrate documents from M-Files to SharePoint Online? This can be a challenging problem because of the way M-Files stores documents means you can’t just pick them up with your favourite migration tool and transfer to SharePoint. In this blog I’ll share some tips on M-Files migrations. Getting files out of M-Files As I just mentioned, M-Files stores files in a format … Continue reading Migrating M-Files to SharePoint

SharePoint Migration File Share to Cloud

Moving from file server based document storage to SharePoint Online opens a world of capability for users. Lower barriers to working remotely, better collaboration internally and externally, document management functionality, better compliance and many would argue better security. Before you begin Before you start the migration it is important to develop a plan. Is your infrastructure up to scratch? Do you have the licensing you … Continue reading SharePoint Migration File Share to Cloud

Upload files to SharePoint Library Subfolders with PowerShell

There are a number of ways to upload files to SharePoint, but every now and then I get asked to do something a bit different. In this case it was to migrate files from a database into SharePoint. The database had a file path reference with documents stored in a file structure on Windows file share. Success would see over 80,000 documents transferred into just … Continue reading Upload files to SharePoint Library Subfolders with PowerShell

5 SharePoint Document Migration Tips

I am doing a lot of work with clients looking to migrate from File Servers to SharePoint Online. These creaky old servers are often full of surprises that are the legacy of years or even decades filing without any significant tidy up. Moving to SharePoint is a one off opportunity to tidy up, rethink how documents are stored and managed and to create a good … Continue reading 5 SharePoint Document Migration Tips

Migrating Access Services from SharePoint Online to On-premises

Microsoft are ending support for Access Services in SharePoint Online from April 2018. This means anyone using Access Services has to make a choice and very soon about what they do as support ends. There are several possible choices: Option 1: Move back to SharePoint 2016 On-Premises. Note that older SharePoint versions are not supported. This provides similar functionality but means you’re moving from the … Continue reading Migrating Access Services from SharePoint Online to On-premises

SharePoint Migration Tool

Microsoft has made Migrating to SharePoint Online a little bit easier by releasing the SharePoint Migration Tool (SPMT). At the time of blogging the current release was version, the leading zero is a good clue that it’s definitely still in development and may be missing some of the things you really need. Having said that, it does solve some common migration issues and it … Continue reading SharePoint Migration Tool

5 Steps for migrating documents to SharePoint

Migrating Process Oriented Documents One of the challenges with SharePoint projects is content migration. It can be a daunting task with both technical and human challenges. This post discusses a five step methodology for migrating content from a file server into SharePoint. This strategy revolves around identifying the documents that will be migrated based on the business value they bring rather than a “big bang” … Continue reading 5 Steps for migrating documents to SharePoint