Why is Office 365 going slow?

Is your Office 365 running slow at random times? Does it seem to happen at work but be fine from home (or some other location)? Here is a short check list to help diagnose the problem. Where is your Office 365 Tenant located? Make sure your tenant is hosted in a location that makes sense. For us New Zealanders, the nearest location is Australia. Check … Continue reading Why is Office 365 going slow?

Windows 7 DirectAccess overview

Windows 7 clients can gain remote access to network resources using a feature called DirectAccess. Microsoft see this as a game breaking technology that will change the way we work remotely. A Windows 2008R2 server ¬†acts as a gateway for DirectAccess clients providing access to servers on the internal LAN. DirectAccess does away with the need for third party VPN clients or access gateways on … Continue reading Windows 7 DirectAccess overview

DNS Aliasing

How many times have you had to upgrade a server and run around making changes to login scripts and group policies. How about migrating users to a new terminal server or migrating applications to a new SQL server. DNS aliases can be used to simplify these tasks and with a little bit of thought prevent the need to ever make those changes again. File Server … Continue reading DNS Aliasing