Upload files to SharePoint Library Subfolders with PowerShell

There are a number of ways to upload files to SharePoint, but every now and then I get asked to do something a bit different. In this case it was to migrate files from a database into SharePoint. The database had a file path reference with documents stored in a file structure on Windows file share. Success would see over 80,000 documents transferred into just … Continue reading Upload files to SharePoint Library Subfolders with PowerShell

Custom Vision with PowerShell

Custom Vision is service for creating computer vision models that can be interacted with via a REST API. Custom Vision is powered by Cognitive Services. Here is a simple demo using PowerShell to determine whether a flag is from New Zealand or Australia. These flags have a lot of similarities, including the Union Jack, blue back ground and Stars, so I thought it would be … Continue reading Custom Vision with PowerShell

PowerShell:Bulk load files into SharePoints

Here is a script I wrote to bulk upload files and metadata into SharePoint. To make this work you need two things, a CSV file containing the names of the files to upload and the metadata associated with the item. In this example, the CSV file has the following format: filename,cust_number,document_type The script reads the CSV file, creates a folder in the document library named … Continue reading PowerShell:Bulk load files into SharePoints

SharePoint Powershell List Column Queries

I recently had the need to locate all list columns in a SharePoint site of a particular data type. My first thought was someone must have done this before and after a quick hunt around in Google discovered that it wasn’t the case. I wrote a simple script to output the names of lists and fields of a particular type using PowerShell. It is easy to … Continue reading SharePoint Powershell List Column Queries

Managing Printers with PrintUI.DLL

Managing printers on client PC’s via the login script can be a useful way to ensure users have consistent printer configuration. This can be achieved by scripting calls to PRINTUI.DLL. These scripts will work on PC’s running Windows 2000, XP and Vista. The calls can be made from batch files, VB Scripts and PowerShell. Delete a printer a network printer quietly: rundll32.exe printui.dll,PrintUIEntry /q /dd … Continue reading Managing Printers with PrintUI.DLL