Link SharePoint List to a Document Library

SharePoint Lists are great for tracking activities. There are many scenarios where you may want to store a collection of documents for each List item. In this blog I explain how to use Column formatting to create the link to the documents related to a List item. In this example, we have a List that will track enquires and a Library with a folder per … Continue reading Link SharePoint List to a Document Library

Creating a Custom SharePoint News Digest with Power Automate

Microsoft provides a couple of ways to send out an update or digest email. You can use a simple Alert on the site pages library or use the built in News Digest feature to manually send a digest of selected articles. Sometimes you may need to create a custom solution and Power Automate is the right tool for the job. In this video I demo … Continue reading Creating a Custom SharePoint News Digest with Power Automate

Updating SharePoint Lists with New-PNPBatch

Do you need to keep data in SharePoint Lists in sync with source data on a local server? Microsoft provides a Data Management Gateway giving access via Power Platform, however this requires premium licensing, that sometimes is hard to justify. Another option to explore is using PowerShell to keep the data up to date. Using this method can reduce the need for premium data connectors … Continue reading Updating SharePoint Lists with New-PNPBatch

eBook : Building SharePoint Online Intranets

Are you about to embark on a project to build an Intranet or overhaul an existing one? I’ve written a book to help you create a great Intranet and avoid some of the common mistakes far to many people make. This book is a collection of thoughts from the experience I’ve gained throughout my career combined with first hand experiences from recent projects. My goal … Continue reading eBook : Building SharePoint Online Intranets

SharePoint Pages and Templates

One of the most common compliants about Intranets is poor quality content. If users search for something and get an underwhelming result, they won’t come back. Creating consistent page layouts is a great way to improve the overall quality of content in your Intranet. It helps the reader to find information and supporting material quickly and it saves the content creator time. This video will … Continue reading SharePoint Pages and Templates

Migrating M-Files to SharePoint

Do you need to migrate documents from M-Files to SharePoint Online? This can be a challenging problem because of the way M-Files stores documents means you can’t just pick them up with your favourite migration tool and transfer to SharePoint. In this blog I’ll share some tips on M-Files migrations. Getting files out of M-Files As I just mentioned, M-Files stores files in a format … Continue reading Migrating M-Files to SharePoint