Data Channel : Managing SharePoint Databases

I was recently interviewed for the Data Channel about managing SharePoint databases on SQL Server. In the interview with┬áNagaraj Venkatesan (SQL Server MVP from Singapore) I cover many of the common questions DBA’s have about SharePoint including: Things that make SharePoint databases unique Capacity Planning Remote Blob Storage (RBS) Backup / Recovery SSRS Integration Patching You can download a copy of my presentation from #SQLsat614 … Continue reading Data Channel : Managing SharePoint Databases

SharePoint Orphaned Content Database

Today I resolved an interesting SharePoint 2010 issue. Examining the Windows Application Log on the Application Server I found the following error: SQL Database ‘WSS_Content_ba49ed16-9131-4e70-ab2a-4378914fd6f0’ on SQL Server instance ‘SharePointSQLServerName’ not found. Additional error information from SQL Server is included below. In Central Admin SharePoint listed in “Stopped” content database called “WSS_Content_ba49ed16-9131-4e70-ab2a-4378914fd6f0″.┬áThis database didn’t exist in SQL Server. I believe the database appeared when the … Continue reading SharePoint Orphaned Content Database

SQL Server 2008 Certified

SQL Server is something that most people in IT roles will touch one way or another in the course of their working lives. It is the engine behind many line of business systems, SharePoint, ERP and CRM systems. Having the basic skills to correctly install, configure, backup, recover and troubleshoot SQL Server issues is important and something that is often just assumed. Over the past … Continue reading SQL Server 2008 Certified