VMware Site Recovery Manager overview

VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM) is a disaster recovery technology that allows VMware ESX environments to be replicated to a secondary site. The ability to move protected virtual servers between sites quickly and easily takes away a lot of the difficulty associated with implementing a Disaster Recovery (DR) solution. SRM does require a significant investment in hardware and high performance links (fibre is recommended) between … Continue reading VMware Site Recovery Manager overview

VirtualBox 3.0

Version 3 of my favorite desktop virtualisation software was released last week. The first thing that attracted me to VirtualBOX is the ability to run 64bit guests on a 32bit host, a nice way to extend the life of those 32bit boxes scattered around my house. The second feature I like is that it is multi-platform, I can build a VM on my Macbook and … Continue reading VirtualBox 3.0

Why Virtualize?

I read recently that 50% of CIO’s couldn’t see any benefit in virtualizing. My initial reaction was less than flattering and then I realised it probably isn’t that they don’t like virtualization. They just don’t understand the long term benefits of virtualization. The key thing virtualization does is remove dependence on physical hardware. Basically it allows you to change the underlying hardware without having to … Continue reading Why Virtualize?

EBS 2008 Premium Server Overview

The premium edition of Essential Business Server 2008 (EBS) includes an additional Windows 2008 Standard Server licence and SQL 2008 standard license. While the three servers that make up the core of EBS are 64bit, the forth server can be either 32bit or 64bit. Here are a few ways this server can be used to enhance the network environment. Virtualisation With the included Windows 2008 … Continue reading EBS 2008 Premium Server Overview