Remote Access with EBS 2008

EBS 2008 includes the Remote Web Workplace (RWW) to provide remote access functionality. RWW is a web interface providing access to Terminal Services Gateway (remote connection to servers inside the network), Outlook Web Access (OWA) for remote email and Sharepoint. The home page can be customised with corporate branding, links to popular site etc.

RWW is accessed using the URL

Users must be members of the “Remote Web Workplace” group.

Domain-joined computers automatically get the EBS 2008 certificates. For non-domain computers you need to install the EBS 2008 Certificate package as follows:

  • From a domain-joined computer, go to \\sites\public\downloads and get “Install Certificate”
  • Unzip the file and install it on your non-Domain computer
  • This certificate can also be used with Windows Mobile devices.

Once installed this certificate allows remote access to servers using TS Gateway, accessible via RWW or by configuring your RDP client to connect to the TS Gateway.

Note that the digital certificate is generated automatically as part of the install and uses the FQDN entered during the installation process for the remote access server. If these names don’t match it will not work.

In summary RWW is setup automatically as part of the EBS 2008 installation, provides easy access to network services and because TS Gateway uses SSL it will work in many places where other VPN’s won’t.

EBS 2008 Firewall Configuration