Windows 2008r2 reasons to get excited

Judging by the number of messages on twitter about Windows 7 RC I sense a lot of excitement building. While I think Windows 7 will be a winner for Microsoft I am a little surprised about the lack of comment on Windows 2008 Server R2! Windows 2008 Server has proven itself to be a robust and powerful server operating system and R2 promises to extend those capabilities further.

6 Reasons to be excitied about Windows 2008 Server R2

  • Better virtualisation – Hyper-V gets some serious improvements
  • Enhanced remote desktop services
  • Advanced power management – switch off the cores you’re not using and save the planet
  • Works better with Windows 7 – DirectAccess and BranchCache
  • Super web apps – IIS 7.5 built in
  • Use your existing license Windows 2008 Server CAL’s with 2008r2

Official Windows 2008 R2 Home Page

Download Windows 2008 Server R2 Release Candidate