Configuring c3000 Blade Enclosure Onboard Administrator

Judging from the large number of search engine referrals over the past few days you may need help with configuring c3000’s. Once  you have unpacked a c3000, attached various modules and turned on the power is how do you configure the enclosure. Configuration is done via the Onboard Administrator (OA) web interface. Here are the basic steps:

  • Connect the the OA/iLO port on the back of the enclosure to you LAN
  • Using the small LCD console on the front of the enclosure, assign an IP address for OA
  • Use a web browser to connect to the OA’s IP address assigned above (HTTPS)
  • Login with username : Administrator           (the A is a capital)
  • Password is attached to a paper tag on the front of the enclosure

Once you have logged, you are able to configure many aspects of the enclosure and attached blades with iLO.

See this article for a more detailed description of the c3000 OA

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