How to shutdown a C3000 Blade Enclosure

A frequent search term on my blog relates to how to turn off an HP C3000 Blade Enclosure.

Here is the basic procedure:

  • Shutdown any server blades in the enclosure e.g. via the Operating System.
  • Logon to the C3000’s Onboard Administrator (OA) from a remote computer using the OA web interface.
  • In the OA menu choose either Shutdown or Reboot.

Information on configuring the OA can be found here Configuring HP C3000 Onboard Administrator

Note that you can also use iLO to power on/off individual blades in the enclosure remotely.

4 thoughts on “How to shutdown a C3000 Blade Enclosure

  1. Question for Steve or anyone else who might know: please can anyone tell me whether the wheels can be removed from the tower format c3000 chassis? We are interested to get one but it would go in a fairly insecure environment and we want make brackets for it to allow us to bolt it to the floor. Most grateful for any advice.

  2. Hi Tim, to the best of my knowledge the wheels can’t be removed, however the can be locked in place. It might be possible to make a metal bracket that fits over the stubs the wheels are connected to and then bolt the brackets to the floor.

    Note that the rack mount and tower C3000’s have different dimensions. It isn’t possible to convert the a tower model to fit in a standard rack.

  3. I’ve looked and looked and cannot find a menu in the oa web interface to shutdown or reboot. Am I just missing something obvious? Thanks

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