Microsoft Revolution Calling?

Will 22nd of October 2009 be remembered in history as the most significant technology product launch since Apples famous 1984 launch of the MacIntosh? Microsoft will certainly be hoping so, as the Redmond based software giant prepares to release not only the long anticipated replacement for Windows XP (lets face it, many businesses didn’t take the plunge with Vista), but also Windows 2008R2 and Exchange 2010.

It is hard to find an IT Professional anywhere who doesn’t have a copy of Windows 7 RC or RTM. This is a good sign for Microsoft, because these are the guys and girls that need to make this stuff work in a corporate environment. It is now ‘cool’ for an IT geek to tell girls at parties, they are running Windows 7, without committing social suicide. In fact, speaking from personal experience sexier that shown them your iPhone….

If you want a serious conversation say something like, “Windows 7 is cool but it’s Windows 2008R2 that rocks my world”. The latest release to Microsoft’s server platform is sleek and powerful. The biggest single improvement is to Hyper-V which introduces more features. If the first release of Hyper-V was like landing on the beaches of Normandy trying to get a foot hold on territory controlled by VMware, then Hyper-V R2 is the first big push inland.

Don’t forget about the other big news, Exchange 2010. Way back in the mid 1990’s we were told that the single most important product Microsoft would launch was Microsoft Exchange. It is fair to say that Microsoft now owns the largest chunk of the corporate mailbox market and that this market is incredibly important to Microsoft because it links the desktop Operating System and Office suite to the back end servers helping ensure they have the best end to end solution. Exchange 2010 promises new levels of performance and reliability in a world where end users demand email everywhere, anytime and fast!

Finally, I’ve heard rumours of Windows 7 installation parties. I am yet to attended one myself, but I wonder if the 22nd October will not only be a revolution for desktop and server computing, but also some sort of social revolution for the guys (lets face it, it will be mostly guys who install this stuff) who live in server rooms around the planet? Imagine if Windows 7 helped address the gender gap in the IT industry and the guys who turn up to these Windows 7 parties had someone to dance with between upgrades.

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3 thoughts on “Microsoft Revolution Calling?

  1. Update, I think the release date for Exchange 2010 is not quite right. Having said that it won’t be far away. It has been sent to production so RTM copies should be out in the not to distant future.

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