Essential Business Server Wish List

It is no secret that I am a fan of Essential Business Server 2008 (EBS 2008), but that doesn’t mean I can’t have a wish list of features and changes for the next version. Here is my short list of features I would like to see in the next version of EBS. I am interested in other peoples thoughts, so why not post a comment with your suggestions.

Give me the latest

Since EBS 2008 was released back in November 2008, Microsoft have been busy updating many of the components that make up EBS. The first items on my wish list are upgraded versions of those products:

  • Upgrade the underlying server technology to Windows 2008R2
  • Replace Exchange 2007 with Exchange 2010
  • Replace System Centre Essentials 2007 with System Centre Essentials 2010
  • Sharepoint 2010 – perhaps the foundation version

Improve the installer

While the EBS 2008 installer is easy to use and very clever, it would be nice to have the option of a manual install. I understand the value of having a highly automated installation process but at times it would be nice to have choices. This would be particularly useful for “green field” installations.

Client side Antivirus

A client side antivirus solution would be a great addition to EBS. Forefront Antivirus Client could be incorporated into EBS to allow centralised management of antivirus protection of client computers. Unfortunately while the current version of Forefront client works perfectly on EBS servers and clients, the management components require 32bit servers with SQL 2005 and reporting services.


Currently EBS 2008 uses Windows Backup as the built in backup solution. Backup functionality that allows Exchange 2010 to be backed up would be a great addition.

2 thoughts on “Essential Business Server Wish List

  1. now that Microsoft has discontinued EBS (we just installed EBS last week) what do you see as the best way to proceed? We could still go back to SBS 2008 since we are under the 75 user limit. I’m not sure what we are going to do. Continue with an abandonded product or move back to the constraints of SBS. *sigh*

  2. Microsoft have stated that mainstream support for EBS 2008 continues for 5 years. This is good news, as it means services packs and security updates for all the components that make up EBS will be available for the next 5 years.

    What it does mean is that Windows 2008R2, Exchange 2010, SCE 2010 etc will not be included in the EBS core servers.

    If you require a newer server e.g Windows 2008R2 you can install this side by side with the EBS installation e.g. for Exchange 2010 etc

    The majority of the new work which won’t see the light of day relates to EBS version 2.0 which was under development.

    I have several people to discuss this with today, but my advice would be to keep EBS now that you have implemented it, but to keep a close eye on what happens in the next few months.

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