Using SharePoint with Microsoft Teams

One of the most common questions I’ve been asked recently is ‘should we use Teams or SharePoint?”. Being a consulting it is always tempting to say “well it depends”…The good news is you can use both together. The video below explains how to surface pages and libraries from SharePoint into Microsoft Teams.

If you need to migrate content into Teams from your old on-premises SharePoint servers, file server or local storage you can use the SharePoint Migration Tool. The default ‘Documents’ library in the SharePoint site associated with Teams has a folder for each channel. Uploading files into those folders makes them available to Teams users in the Channel’s Files tab immediately.

You can also use the ‘Website’ option from the Teams ‘Add a Tab’ options to create a Tab for a SharePoint page from a different site e.g. your Intranet home page, Managers tool kit, New Starters induction page etc. This screenshot shows a Hub Site added to Teams.


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