Microsoft Teams Instant Meetings

Microsoft Teams meetings can be scheduled either using the Teams App or with an Outlook Meeting Request, but sometimes you just want to organise an impromptu meeting.  Teams allows you to do this by clicking the small video icon in the posts tab of a Teams Channel. This feature is available for anyone in the Team including Guests.

In this video I use a Surface Laptop with Teams and a Logitech BCC950 Conference Cam. The Conference Cam is great for the home office or small meeting rooms, with an HD Camera mounted on a small pole giving a better video angle and a wide angle lense so you don’t need to snuggle up around a laptop if you have a small group meeting.


Teams meetings have some great features including:

  • Meeting notes that are posted to the channel after the meeting for anyone in the Team to reference
  • Whiteboard – I demonstrate some great skills in this video
  • Chat – for posting questions
  • Screen sharing
  • Selectable audio and video sources
  • Background blur
  • Ability to add additional meeting members including external users (outside your organisation)

Microsoft are offering free Teams for 6 months as part of the COVID-19 response. They have also posted a good article for implementing Teams for remote working for anyone needing to deploy the solution rapidly.

If you have any questions about working remotely with Teams, please give me a shout.

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