50 Things you can do with SharePoint

On Monday I complete my 50th orbit of the sun. I think my mum is still coming to terms with the fact that her little boy is now twice the age she was when she had me! Back then New Zealand was a pretty small place, there we just 6 people born in the entire country that day, so I made the paper.

that’s me in the centre (bottom half of the photo)

To celebrate here are 50 things you can do with SharePoint, in no particular order:

  1. Share documents with people inside and outside your organisation
  2. Share News
  3. Create Events
  4. Display the weather
  5. Display a countdown timer
  6. Get alerted when someone updates a document
  7. Get alerted when someone deletes a document
  8. Use Quick Links to navigate to other URL’s
  9. Create a secure location only limited people can access
  10. Display a calendar
  11. Create a form to start a process
  12. Create a mega menu to help people navigate your sites
  13. Display a dynamic list of sites the person viewing the page
  14. Show a filter list of documents needing action by the person viewing the list
  15. Show or hide things base on audience
  16. Create a custom theme to match your company brand
  17. Search for content
  18. Display a PowerPoint slide in a page
  19. Insert YouTube and Stream videos into pages
  20. Create page templates to keep layouts consistent
  21. Connect sites to a Hub so they share a common theme and navigation
  22. Create business processes by combining Power Automate and SharePoint
  23. Embed a Microsoft Form in a page to collect feedback
  24. Use Embed code to show another website inside a SharePoint page
  25. Use JSON to format List items
  26. Create custom Search result templates
  27. Set default metadata values using calculations
  28. Install Learning Pathways to get free training material
  29. Use the Lookbook for inspiration and then install the templates you like
  30. Create custom search pages with Office PnP Modern Search Web-parts
  31. Insert PowerBI reports into SharePoint pages
  32. Create Site Design templates to automatically preconfigured create sites
  33. Use Content Types to manage metadata
  34. Link document templates to the Document Library New button
  35. Create an Organisation Asset library so your images are available in the image picker
  36. Use People columns to assign and track roles in processes
  37. Restore deleted items from the Site Recycle Bin
  38. Add Tabs in Microsoft Teams to quickly access Libraries
  39. Give some people read access will allowing others to edit
  40. Use Quick Parts to inject metadata from SharePoint into Office documents
  41. Create dynamic pages using filters and metadata
  42. Manage controlled documents with versioning and approvals
  43. Sync a document library to work offline
  44. Use SharePoint Lists to get organised and share information
  45. Use the SharePoint Mobile App to create and access content
  46. Apply labels for content retention policies
  47. Geolocate sites to different data centres globally
  48. Create custom solutions using the SharePoint Framework (SPFx)
  49. Use SharePoint Lists as a data source for your PowerApps
  50. Have a career for over a decade because you took the time to learn all these things

There is more to come, check out the SharePoint Roadmap to see what’s new!

It’s only another 50 years until I am 100, so I would appreciate some help! Please post your contributions to the next 50 items in the comments below 🙂

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