Free Network Improvements

Once EBS 2008 is up and running you have a great network foundation on which to build. Here is a short list of things you can do to enhance your network for free using features of Windows 2008, Exchange 2007 or free downloads. You don’t need EBS 2008 to use these features, they are available for SBS 2008 and Windows 2008 Server editions.

Replicating your data

Distributed File System-Replication (DFS-R) allows files to be replicated between Windows servers and works well even across WAN links. Replication can be in one way, two way or a more mesh arrangement between multiple servers.

DFS-R overview

Accessing your documents remotely using Outlook Web Access

Outlook Web Access (OWA) 2007 includes a direct document access feature that can be configured from Exchange 2007. This provides a quick way to publish read only access to network shares for remote users. CIFS permissions need to be altered if the shares are not on the Exchange Server hosting OWA.

Direct File Access Tutorial

Standardising Office application settings

Download the Office Admin pack for Office 2003 or 2007 and add the .ADM files to the Group Policy Management console. Once installed Group Policies can be created to ensure Office users get consistent settings e.g. File locations, language settings etc.

Office .ADM files

Printer Management

The Printer Management Console allows management of printers on local and remote print servers from a central location. This greatly reduces the amount of effort required to manage environments with large numbers of printers on multiple Window print servers. It also eases migration of printers between print servers.

Printer Management Console

Email Disclaimers

Exchange 2007 Transport Rules can be used to add email disclaimers to out going email messages.

How to configure email disclaimers

Learn PowerShell

Powershell can be used to automate tasks that are normally done using the GUI interface. Using Powershell will ensure tasks are done consistently, saves time on repeatitive tasks and allows tasks to be done out side of hours by scheduling scripts.

Powershell Tutorial

Extend the EBS 2008 Console

A number of free add-ins can be added to the EBS 2008 Management Console. Currently add-ins are available for SQL 2008, Dynamics and Data Protection Manager.

EBS Console Add-ins

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