BackupExec on Essential Business Server

I recently installed Symantec BackupExec 12.5 in an Essential Business Server 2008 (EBS) network. BackupExec is a popular backup solution found in many small to medium sized networks and includes functionality to backup and restore all of the components that make up an EBS network, including Active Directory, Exchange information stores and SQLserver. Desktop Laptop Option is also available for backing up client computers.

The installation process is as follows:

  • Download the x64 bit edition of BackupExec 12.5
  • Run the installer on the Management Server (or a application server)
  • Once installed use the Check for Updates option in the Tools menu and install updates
  • Run the device wizard to setup your backup devices
  • Reboot the server
  • Run the media set wizard
  • Install agents on other servers being backed up
  • Create and schedule a backup job

It is important to follow the installation guide for BackupExec particularly when creating the user account used to backup Exchange 2007. Installation guide

Installation of the agent on the EBS Security Server required a couple of changes:

  • Ensure Forefront TMG is not blocking traffic between the Security and Management servers.
  • Change the port used by the BackupExec agent to resolve a “registry access” error. Details of the error and instructions to fix it can be found here.

BackupExec 12.5 on Windows 2008 x64 running on HP Proliant servers with LTO3 or LTO4 tapes have an issue with backups failing at random times due to communication loss with the backup device. I have had this issue on several servers and had to remove the Proliant Support Pack from the servers to resolve (PSP 8.20), hopefully this issue is resolved soon.

Symantec currently don’t offer an upgrade path from the Small Business Server (SBS) edition, which means having to purchase the product again if you are upgrading from SBS to EBS which is not a cheap exercise once you start adding agents for your servers.

A fully functional 60 day evaluation copy of BackupExec can be downloaded from