Windows 8.1 on Surface RT “This update is not applicable to you computer”

If you’re like me and have a Microsoft Surface RT and are trying unsuccessfully to upgrade to the Windows 8.1 RT preview, read on!

Microsoft released the update for a limited number of languages, so if you are like me and live in a country that doesn’t use US spelling the update won’t install. If you attempt to install in a region that isn’t supported, you will get the following message:

“This update is not applicable to you computer”

Here’s how to get the update to work:

1. Change the Language on your Surface RT to English US (via Language settings in the Control Panel)

2. Place and rename the MSU file in an easily accessible place, e.g. C:\update\w81preview.msu

3. open command prompt in administrator mode.

4. Type: Expand –F:* C:\update\w81preview.msu C:\8RTpreview\

5. Type: DISM.exe /Online /Add-Package /PackagePath:c:\update\

6. Reboot the Surface RT.

7. Go into the “Store” and the update will be available

Note the update is 2.19GB, so it will take a little while to download and install.


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