Launching Stratos Technology Partners


Four years ago I launched Canterbury Business Solutions with two business partners. It’s fair to say that we launched in a rush and really didn’t have much of a plan. We just wanted to help out clients of our former employer. We wanted to do the right thing.

We grew our business, learning many lessons along the way, some good and some hard. We kept moving ourselves forward in a sort of zig-zaggy way gaining experience and having plenty of fun doing it our own way.

the only constant is change

As our business has grown and us with it, one thing is true. We needed a new name to take away barriers (some real and some perceived). We needed a strategy and we needed a vision. We sat down early in 2014 and started to think, about ourselves. What did we want out of this? Up until this point, we really had focused on our clients and that’s cool, but what about us?

A few months raced by and our vision started to become clear. We wanted to know what our clients wanted us to be. We asked them and right there was the answer to our first question. We wanted to feel like we add value to our clients, we don’t want to be just another contractor or vendor, we want to be an extension of them.

We started working on what that meant to us and to our clients. It has been a long process but I think we have uncovered our DNA and a bit of our clients DNA too. This has become the core of our values and strategy.

So, with that I say farewell to Canterbury Business Solutions and hello to Stratos Technology Partners (Stratos for short).

To find out a bit more, visit our new website here:

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