Five MVP’s to follow

I was talking to a client recently and they asked me who they should follow on social media to learn more about SharePoint and Office 365. It got me thinking, who is it that I follow that I’d recommend to others? I follow a large number of people and so it’s not easy to pick my favourites. I should also point out that it varies from day to day, depending on what my focus is at the time. So if you’re not listed, please don’t be offended!

My Office 365 Top 5 MVP’s in no particular order:

This is just a start and there are many others you should follow too. Check out the #MVPbuzz hashtag.

Three big names who are also great to follow:

Six others I learn from regularly:

Finally, check out these official Twitter accounts:

I could go on!

You’ve reached the end of my list. If you are a bit bored and stuck on who to follow, pick me!


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