Gather Suggestions with PowerAutomate, Microsoft Forms and Planner

Asking your users for feedback and suggestions is a great way to improve your Intranet. There are all sorts of ways to do this from using an email address, pop up forms, focus groups etc. The process of collecting feedback and suggestions can be automated using Microsoft Forms to capture details and PowerAutomate to create items in Planner for review.

In this video I demonstrate how to create a solution to capture feedback using Microsoft Forms and push the data into Planner for review later. The entire process can be done in just a few minutes.

Follow these steps to create the solution in the video:

  1. Using Microsoft Forms create a new Form with questions for the title and suggestion details.
  2. Create a new Planner board (or use an existing one) with a bucket for Suggestions
  3. In PowerAutomate, search for “Forms” in the Flow templates and choose the “Create task in Planner” template
  4. Edit the Flow adding the Form and selecting the Planner and Bucket


Forms also supports anonymous access, allowing anyone inside or outside you organisation to submit a feedback item. If you’re running a project with external users this can be very useful.

Once the items are in the Planner they can be reviewed and approved. This is usual a job for the Intranet steering group or project team depending on the governance approach used to manage the development. Planner allows tasks to be assigned to one or more people, track start and end dates, record additional information about the task and more.

A few ideas for extending this solution further:

  • Post assigned tasks to a Teams Channel
  • Send notifications back to the person who create the suggestion item as the status changes
  • Add an urgent feedback option for issues that need to be addressed quickly
  • Add a link to the feedback Form to your Intranet!

Microsoft provides a premium connector for Azure DevOps that can be used instead of Planner, creating a backlog item for each suggestion or feedback item received.

PowerAutomate is a powerful tool and many of the templates provided are immediately useful without modification. If you do require additional steps, these Flows can be extended. Make sure you take a look at the templates before building from scratch.

2 thoughts on “Gather Suggestions with PowerAutomate, Microsoft Forms and Planner

    1. Hi Marie, the delay is for 5 seconds. You will see two Planner tasks, the first creates a task and the second updates the task. The delay ensures the newly created task is available before trying to update it with data from the form.

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