That was 2021

Someone much smarter than me once said something like don’t let others define you. When I think of 2021, is hard not to immediately think of the pandemic and the impact it has had on our lives. Don’t forget to take time to remember the good stuff too.

Like most people I’ve had my struggles this year. I tend to keep it inside a bit to much at times. That’s life, it often doesn’t go exactly to plan but sometimes the struggles are where growth and new opportunties come from. I’ve pushed myself outside my comfort zone and learnt a lot of new things about myself.

I’ve also had a lot of positive things happen this year. At times the effort has been huge but I am really feeling pretty good about the outcome. Thank you to the people who took the time to check in on me! Your support has given me a push I’ve needed at times!

Here are some of my highlights from 2021 in no particular order:

  • Many walks on the beach
  • Flew New Zealand’s first electric aircraft – thanks Electric Air!
  • My youngest step-daughter finished highschool – so proud of her!
  • Self-published an eBook and people bought it!
  • I was a Microsoft MVP for the 5th year
  • Company merger – welcome to the Alchemy team!
  • My eldest step-daughter went flatting – so proud of her!
  • I helped my wife (Victoria) start her business – Darcy Boutique
  • Kayaked and then kayaked some more
  • A bought a Tesla Model 3 which arrived just in time for Christmas
  • Planted native trees
  • I got glasses (I can see again now)

Things I didn’t do enough of:

  • Walk in the hills
  • Coffee dates with the teenagers
  • Time with friends
  • Reading (I should improve this one now I can see again)
  • Online meetings (just kidding, I attended far to many of these and I need a break)

I’m making a promise to improve all of these things in 2022. It is difficult to travel internationally from New Zealand, so I am pretty sure I won’t be spending much time in airports. On that subject, my airpoints status as dropped again and I really don’t care!

Thank you to everyone who reads my blog, watches my YouTube channel, gives feedback (most of it is appreciated) and supports the things I do. A big thank you to all the great people who contribute to the IT community. Mentoring, blogging, creating videos, responding to forums, tweeting useful stuff and lifting others up! You all rock!

So here we are on the last day of 2021. It is the last year in my 40’s and it has been a good one.

I hope you’ve had more ups than downs! All the best for 2022! Happy New Year!


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