NEW: My Tech Memories Podcast

Every now an then I find myself in a conversation that sparks memories of my early experiences with computers and the start of my career. Those experiences helped encourage me and many people of my generation into a career in Information Technology.

After one of those conversations a few days ago, I thought it might be interesting to share a few memories. I’ve recorded a Podcast that I am sure will stir fond memories for many of you. In episode one, I talk about Borrows Mainframes, Sinclair Spectrums, Data General Eclipse systems and other things from the 80’s.

Click here to listen to my Podcast.

Since I published the first episode many people have sent me some of their memories, everything from Xtree, early network technologies, Windows features that have been consigned to history, tails involving floppy disks and much more. This is a lot of fun!

Over the next little while, I am planning to publish more episodes covering a variety of topics. Next up will be a chat about my experiences working at Glaxo, where I started to flourish, thanks to a very understanding boss, who ultimately encouraged me to leave and get a Degree. I also have material for future episodes covering experiences with Sun and Digital (DEC) hardware, UNIX, VMS and OS/2 before moving on to the early versions of Windows NT and other interesting stuff that is now relegated to the distant corners of our memories.

What was your first memories of computers and what was your first machine?

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