SharePoint Sharing Policies

Microsoft 365 allows sharing policies to be configured at both the tenant level and individual site level. In this video I walk through the sharing options and how to configure policies.  I also explain: how the options affect the choices a user sees when they share how to restrict sharing to specific domains how to prevent file permissions issues with broken inheritance where to set … Continue reading SharePoint Sharing Policies

Microsoft Teams ‘Who’ App

Apps provide a way of extending the basic functionality of Microsoft Teams. As a Manager during the lockdown I’ve found myself needing to touch base with my team both formal and informal ways. The Who App / Who Bot really makes the informal chat’s easy. The Who App is include as part of Teams, but needs to be added before the functionality is available. Who … Continue reading Microsoft Teams ‘Who’ App

Team work for community good

I’ve been working on a very interesting project to help a group of community service organisations work better together. Here are a few thoughts and lessons I’ve learnt that others might benefit from too. This is a great example of how technology can benefit NGO’s. In Canterbury, New Zealand where I live, these organisations tend to be small and want to spend their budget on … Continue reading Team work for community good