SharePoint Sharing Policies

Microsoft 365 allows sharing policies to be configured at both the tenant level and individual site level. In this video I walk through the sharing options and how to configure policies.  I also explain:

  • how the options affect the choices a user sees when they share
  • how to restrict sharing to specific domains
  • how to prevent file permissions issues with broken inheritance
  • where to set the configuration
  • what breaks if you change settings

A common scenario for many organisations is the need to restrict sharing by default and allow more relaxed settings for specific sites. For example, internal use only sites may disable external sharing all together, while project sites may allow external sharing.

Sharing Policy can also restrict sharing to specific domains both at the tenant and site level. This is useful if you want to ensure users can only share with approved external domains e.g. allow partner organisations only.

Another capability is setting the default sharing option. Setting the default sharing link type to “people with exisiting access”, prevents SharePoint from breaking inheritence on documents when they are shared.

Microsoft Teams uses SharePoint for storing file content. Sharing policies are applied to these sites and are configured from the SharePoint Admin portal.

Sharing strategy should be part of your overall SharePoint governance plan. Have you planned for sharing?

SharePoint Sharing Policies

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