Wahoo! 50,000 YouTube Views

I’ve been making short demo videos show tips and tricks for SharePoint, Power Automate, PowerApps, Microsoft Teams and other Microsoft 365 features for a little while. Today I reached a goal I’d set myself, passing 50,000 views. Wahoo!

I tend to make videos based on things I’ve recently worked on or where someone has asked a question and I’ve gone down the rabbit hole trying to solve it! I’m always looking for ideas of things to demo or tips to share, so if you have an idea let me know!

Steve’s YouTube Channel

So who watches my videos? Here are a few stats from YouTube analytics:

  • 30% of viewers are from the United States
  • India and the United Kingdom account for approximately 9% each
  • My subscribers are overwhelmingly aged between 25 and 55
  • The best performing video overtime is about the SharePoint Migration Tool
  • The best performing video through the COVID19 period is about using Microsoft Teams
  • I create all my videos in a single take using a Surface Laptop

If you have watched my channel and learnt something, I would really appreciate a like or better still hit subscribe!

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