Live Events in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Live Events is now Generally Available. Live Events are a way of creating an online broadcast using Microsoft Stream directly or from within Microsoft Teams or Yammer. Live Events can be watched in Microsoft Teams, in Yammer or using the Stream Web or Mobile App. In this blog I will focus on Teams.

Live Events is available in Office 365 E1, E3 and E5 as well as A3 and A5 Plans. I am surprised it doesn’t include the Front Line Worker ‘F’ Plans currently as users on these plans that are excluded from Live Events.

Creating a Live Event in Microsoft Teams

In Teams, go to the Meetings area in the left hand navigation

  •  Click ‘Schedule a Meeting’
  •  Select the drop down at the top of the meeting and select ‘New Live Meeting’
  • Fill in the some details and invite additional presenters (you can also do this later)


Set the permission for the Live Event, Organisation wide or specific people or groups


Click ‘Get attendee link’ (you can get this later)

Click Join – at this point you are joined as a Presenter but the meeting doesn’t start


Check your webcam and microphone

Clicking from the content panel at the bottom adds your content to the queue

Click Send Live and start the meeting when ready. This means you can organise the meeting well in advance, check everything is ready and then start on time.


Back in Teams you can update the meeting details, get access to the Live Event link and add resources for people attending during or after the meeting and because it’s Teams you can chat.


Finally, you can also create a Live Event directly from Stream and access recordings of previous Live Events here too.


Live Events are great for engaging with people especially across geographic locations and timezones.

Documentation for Live Events

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