Azure Storage and SharePoint Migration Tool errors

I’ve used the SharePoint Migration Tool successfully on numerous occasions but this week I had a very unusual issue.

In the SharePoint Migration Tool log file from a failed migration we found this error:

Scan File Failure: The parent folder was not migrated 0x0111000F
Failed to Read the file: Could not retrieve file’s metadata 0x01310007

For some reason the files could not be read, it was very random as other files in the same folders being migrated did migrate successfully.

The content being migrated was stored in Azure File Storage with local caching. The Migration Tool was using the local network drive mapping (to the cache) and often the content being accessed needed to be retrieved by the cache from Azure.

The issue is sometimes the file isn’t in the cache and the migration tool doesn’t wait for it to download. The result is the file is zero bytes long and as not file metadata to read.

One solution is to connect directly to Azure File Storage rather than using the cache by mapping a drive.

Hopefully this helps someone else with the same problem!



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