Create multipage SharePoint new item form with PowerApps

SharePoint Online allows you to customise a list forms using PowerApps. Creating a simple form is a piece of cake, but their are a few things you need to do when making a multipage form. Starting with a SharePoint list, choose the PowerApp option at the top of the list view. In PowerApps studio create a Screen for each section and then build your custom screens.


This video demo shows the working form and all the steps you need to do in PowerApps to create a multipage list form.

In each Form in the PowerApp, select the same data source e.g. do not reference the SharePoint list item using multiple data sources. Then for each Form make sure you set the default item property:

Item = Defaults(YourSharePointDataSource)

To submit all of the list items together, create a button in the PowerApp and use the Patch function:


I noticed that editing an existing item resulted in a new item being created in the SharePoint List. To fix this I added an IF statement to check to see if the Form was a New item or an existing item:



Note the ID value used to find the current item if it is an existing list item being edited.

Customising the list form in PowerApps allows you to use all of the power of PowerApps including:

  • Conditionally showing form fields
  • Filtering lookup values
  • Calculations
  • Using other data sources
  • Using PowerApp controls
  • Buttons to trigger Flows

Users access the form you either creating a new item or editing an existing item from the SharePoint list.

Hopefully this is useful. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel for more demos.

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