Adding Bookmarks to Microsoft Search

Using the Microsoft Search admin centre to configure Bookmarks is a great way to improve the search experience for your Office 365 users. I’ve made a short video to show how bookmarks are added and where they show up and a where they don’t.

Here are some ideas for the sorts of things you could create bookmarks for:

  • Important company documents e.g. strategic plan, budgets, managers portal
  • Things for new employees e.g. induction links, building maps, org chart
  • Process documentation e.g. leave request, report an accident, training request
  • Projects e.g. link to Microsoft Teams or SharePoint sites

three tips to get started:

  • Start small so that you can get a few runs on the board rather than trying to identify all required bookmarks first.
  • Tell your users about bookmarks and how to Search!
  • Don’t forget to go back and review how the bookmarks are performing and make adjustments.

If it’s Friday afternoon or just a dull rainy day, try adding a few bookmarks to get yourself started.

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