Microsoft Ignite SharePoint Summary

Microsoft Ignite is here bring us many announcements that will make SharePoint fans smile. In this post I’ll highlight the announcements and news that grabs my attention the most. I’ll also throw in a few things from other parts of Microsoft 365. I’ll update this blog frequently over the next three days, so check back later!

Modern SharePoint is maturing as a platform with many improvements to functionality that will make it easier to build rich, engaging content and publish to where the users are. Corporate Comms teams will love the new capabilities and the many improvements to exisiting features. To learn more read this blog:

Microsoft are also starting to deliver the foundation pieces of Project Cortex, using Artifical Intelligence technology to automate the classification of content and soon the curation of knowledge. This is a step change in the capability of modern digital workplaces. Definitely something to keep an eye on!

Summary of SharePoint News from Microsoft Ignite

In a response to a forum post Dan Holme from Microsoft indicated that most of the SharePoint updates announced will be released before the end of 2020 including the navigation enhancements and Teams Home Site App.

Jeff Teper’s Keynote and other news:

  • SharePoint App Bar – global navigation across your entire digital workplace
  • SharePoint Home Site App for Teams – add your intranet to Teams easily! (Yay!)
  • SharePoint – News improvements including custom templates, boost news to employees and summary emails
  • SharePoint – New header options including adding an image in the header area
  • SharePoint – New footer options
  • SharePoint – Analytics
  • SharePoint – Branding improvements
  • SharePoint – Sharing permissions follow files when they move
  • SharePoint – Project Cortex foundation pieces starting to rollout
  • SharePoint Syntex – automated content processing to capture metadata from documents (rolling out next month)
  • SharePoint SPFx – support for Teams and AppSource for developers to build more
  • Project Nucleus – next generation performance for web apps to boost performance! (Think large Lists)
  • Microsoft Teams – Break out rooms allowing meetings to break out to smaller groups
  • Microsoft Teams – New layouts for Together Mode
  • Microsoft Teams – Template to automate the creation of Teams
  • Lists Offline Mode – work with Lists without being connected to the Internet
  • Lists iOS App – a App for iPhone users coming later this year
  • Lists in Teams – full feature parity with SharePoint including custom forms and workflow
  • Big Lists – Jeff demo’d working with a 200,000 Item list and he was Offline! (Project Nucleus)
  • Org Chart web-part – this looks awesome
  • Other web-parts – accordians and tabs
  • Stream – new capabilities to increase engagement
  • Stream – moving to the SharePoint storage platform for consistent sharing, permission and compliance
  • Yammer notifications into Microsoft Teams
  • But that’s not all…more news coming soon!

Get the full details here:

Tools and resources:

More coming soon!

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