Modern SharePoint Calendar Views

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been asked about using Calendar views in Modern SharePoint sites. It’s a common question for almost everyone migrating from classic SharePoint and they aren’t always happy with the answer. Now for some GOOD NEWS! Microsoft have added Calendar views to Modern SharePoint, but not quite like the classic version.

Calendar views can be created in either Microsoft Lists or directly in SharePoint. All you need is a List or Library with a date column. Simply go to the List Settings option (from the cog icon) and create a New View, choose the Calendar option and select the start and end date columns. Learn more about creating useful Views on Lists and Libraries.

Create a new Calendar View

Once created, the List view renders as a calendar.

List Calendar view

SharePoint Document Libraries with date columns configured can also have a Calendar View. This is a great option for displaying controlled documents, policies, contracts or other documents with reviews on a calendar.

Document Library with a Calendar View

The Lists Webpart doesn’t support Calendar Views, so you can’t easily display a calendar on a webpart page. I really hope this is added in the future as it is a very common item on the wish list for many of my clients and I’m sure others too. You can however use the Embed web-part to add a Calendar View to a modern page. Great tip from Joao Ferreira.

Unlike Classic Calendars, you cannot connect a Modern Calendar to Outlook, you can still do this with a classic calendar view on the same List. Column formatting and overlay calendars are also missing from the feature list.

In addition, recurring events and weekly views are also missing. Thanks to Christophe at Path2SharePoint for the tip.

Modern Calendar views are a great improvement and partially fill on of the functionality gaps. I hope future improvements are made over the coming months to this very useful and much loved feature of SharePoint.

Update: Microsoft have indicated that a Calendar webpart isn’t currently planned. Still, it won’t hurt to upvote and comment on Uservoice.

4 thoughts on “Modern SharePoint Calendar Views

  1. This is “interesting” … BUT .. it’s not a Calendar element/module/what ever name flies by these days..
    Hope they make a real one with good and expected features in it from the start

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