Microsoft Flow, linking email to SharePoint List items

Using SharePoint and Microsoft Flow, I built a system for sending emails to external people and then processing the replies, including extracting attachments and linking back to the original SharePoint List Item. Here’s the process: User creates a new List Item with the email address of an external person (can be internal also) Using Flow, send an email to the external person’s email address: Subject … Continue reading Microsoft Flow, linking email to SharePoint List items

SharePoint Migration File Share to Cloud

Moving from file server based document storage to SharePoint Online opens a world of capability for users. Lower barriers to working remotely, better collaboration internally and externally, document management functionality, better compliance and many would argue better security. Before you begin Before you start the migration it is important to develop a plan. Is your infrastructure up to scratch? Do you have the licensing you … Continue reading SharePoint Migration File Share to Cloud

Inside Microsoft Flow Approvals

  Microsoft Flow is a workflow solution that works across Office 365 and beyond. In the Modern SharePoint Online world, Flow replaces SharePoint Designer Workflows (for most things, you can still use SPD Workflows for the moment if you really must). Flow Approvals allow a user to submit an item for approval and then carry out an action once approved. It includes actionable email notifications … Continue reading Inside Microsoft Flow Approvals

Live Events in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Live Events is now Generally Available. Live Events are a way of creating an online broadcast using Microsoft Stream directly or from within Microsoft Teams or Yammer. Live Events can be watched in Microsoft Teams, in Yammer or using the Stream Web or Mobile App. In this blog I will focus on Teams. Live Events is available in Office 365 E1, E3 and E5 as … Continue reading Live Events in Microsoft Teams

Get the best value from your Office 365 licensing

Microsoft offer a wide range Office 365 plans to meet the needs of every organisation regardless of size, type and location. Whether you’re already a user or are thinking about using Office 365, understanding the subscription model will help ensure you make the right plan choices to get the best value over time. Office 365 subscriptions link a user to an organisations Office 365 Tenant. If … Continue reading Get the best value from your Office 365 licensing

Comparing Word Document Versions

The versioning capabilities in SharePoint document libraries are great for managing document approvals and if disaster strikes, rolling back to a known good version. Microsoft Word’s Document Comparison feature takes this capability to the next level, allowing a visual comparison between two versions of the same document. This has many use cases. I’ve used this recently to compare versions of a contract document to identify … Continue reading Comparing Word Document Versions

Word Templates in SharePoint Document Libraries

One of the features I love in SharePoint is the ability to link a Word document template to a Content Type. This is a real time saver if you’re creating documents from templates frequently. It also encourages people to save their documents in the right place. Here’s a demo I created showing how to create a template that uses fields from the content type.   … Continue reading Word Templates in SharePoint Document Libraries