SharePoint Blog Comments Alert

I was asked recently how to setup an alert on a SharePoint blog so that the author of the blog would be notified when someone made a comment. Here is the solution, built with a SharePoint Designer workflow.

Before we begin, I’ll give a quick explanation of how the SharePoint blog is structured. SharePoint uses two lists to implement blogs and comments.

  • Posts contains the blog post with details including the blog post text, author, date, number of comments and number of likes
  • Comments contains the comment and is linked back to the Posts list via a lookup column

Building the workflow:

In SharePoint Designer, create a new Workflow on the Comments list in the blog site. Configure the workflow to run when a new item is created.

  1. Create a workflow variable to store the Created By column of the blog post associated with the comment. This is done using a lookup field.

Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 6.17.34 pm.png

2. Create an email using the variable created in step 1 in the “To” field of the Workflow email template. You can also enter the name of the blog post.

Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 6.21.08 pm.png

That’s it! Now anytime someone makes a comment on the blog, the author of the blog will receive an email notification.

This solution will work for SharePoint 2010, 2013 and SharePoint Online.


5 thoughts on “SharePoint Blog Comments Alert

  1. Hi Steve. Really a useful article. However, how do you find that “Post id” dropdown value? In my SharePoint Designer 2013 it’s not present out of the box. Ever heard of that case?

    1. Hi Soren, I just checked on SharePoint Online and the link between Comment and Posts is via the ‘Post Title’ field in the Comments list. Because this field is a lookup, it actually returns the ID of the Post the Comment is linked to. Try replacing ‘Post Id’ with ‘Post Title’ in the workflow step above.

      1. Thanks a lot, Steve! Your suggestion works perfectly in SharePoint Online (apologies for not mentioning the target platform in the first place) and I am going to implement this on more sites now, as I simply cannot get my users to set up alerts themselves. Thanks again!

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