SharePoint Pages and Templates

One of the most common compliants about Intranets is poor quality content. If users search for something and get an underwhelming result, they won’t come back. Creating consistent page layouts is a great way to improve the overall quality of content in your Intranet. It helps the reader to find information and supporting material quickly and it saves the content creator time.

This video will teach you how to create pages, make templates and link to your sites navigation and quick links.

Play with the different section layout options, I like the vertical section as it reduces the white space on the left and right of the page and gives you a vertical area for webparts to display links, related content, people etc that add value to the main content.

Microsoft also provides Site Designs and Site Scripts for creating templates of an entire site. If you have a requirement to create large numbers of sites with a consistent layout and configuration, this is a good option.

As well as creating a good consistent layout, the content itself needs attention. I have written another blog post on this topic.

You can learn more in my eBook Building SharePoint Online Intranets, where I take you through building an Intranet from start to finish (and beyond).

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