eBook : Building SharePoint Online Intranets

Are you about to embark on a project to build an Intranet or overhaul an existing one? I’ve written a book to help you create a great Intranet and avoid some of the common mistakes far to many people make.

This book is a collection of thoughts from the experience I’ve gained throughout my career combined with first hand experiences from recent projects. My goal in writing the book is to help others make a better Intranet, especially those who haven’t built one before. The objective is to get someone who has little experience up the curve quickly, so they can do better than they would have otherwise done. If you’re new to SharePoint, this is a book for you. There is also plenty of helpful stuff for more experienced SharePoint users too.

You can download my eBook as a PDF, ePUB or Kindle file and you get updates for free.

UPDATE: You can now buy a Kindle copy from Amazon.

LeanPub: Buy your copy of Building SharePoint Online Intranets

Topics covered include:

  • Why are you building an Intranet?
  • Planning and preparing your project
  • Governance basics
  • SharePoint Architecture
  • Navigation
  • Building your Intranet
  • Creating content
  • Change management planning
  • User adoption
  • Maintenance
  • and much more!

I spend a lot of time working with people from all sorts of organisations on SharePoint projects. Many of these people are first timers when it comes to creating an Intranet. This has helped guide the content and because my audience isn’t always technical, I’ve focused on their needs (initially at least).

I am using LeanPub to create and publish my eBook. This is a great writing platform and allows me to release updates to the eBook as I make improvements and add new content. As of today, I have completed 80% of the book and have planned a series of updates to make the book even better! Version 1.1 is coming together and will be released later this month.

Updates in release 1.1 Content Includes:

  • Project : Diagram
  • Architecture: New content
  • Branding: Screenshots
  • Branding: New content
  • Branding: Added Naming your Intranet
  • Site Build: Added Permissions section
  • Site Build: Screenshots
  • Creating Content: Screenshots
  • Creating Content: New content
  • Gardening: Add Search details

I’m currently working on release 1.2. New content includes

  • A new chapter on Search
  • Updates to Navigation
  • Updates to Content Strategy
  • Updates to Budgeting
  • More screenshots
  • More FAQ’s

For the price of a curry and a beer, my book will save you time and help answer many of the common questions you will encounter on your Intranet project! I think that’s great value!

Buy your copy of Building SharePoint Online Intranets

Thank you for your support!

Steve Knutson | Microsoft MVP

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